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Gender of names

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Ever curious if the name you just found, be it in an e-mail sender or somewhere on a document, is the name of a boy or of a girl? You can use a newbabynames.net website to find out the odds:

Tracy gender statistics

Arnie gender

Marko gender stats


Eddie gender


Popular names by country

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You can use LocateMyName.com website to find out the most popular names in Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland and many other countries. For each name there is an estimation of how many people are carrying it.

Let’s check Italy. The surnames top has: Rossi, Russo, Ferrari, Esposito, Bianchi.
In the given names top, Italy has: Giuseppe, Antonio, Giovanni, Mario, Luigi.



5 easy steps to promote your blog

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  1. Write good and useful content. You have to offer something to your readers and this can be good ideas, funny things, etc. Do this and they will return.
  2. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Add “like” and “+” buttons to your site.

  3. Submit to web directories. You can find both free and paid directories on directories.php. Submit your blog in the appropriate categories.

  4. Post comments. Visit related blogs and post comments(decent and on the subject, not spam!).

  5. Use signatures. Put a link to your blog in every signature you have everywhere you go online: forums, email, social networks, etc.

WPMU anti-spam experiment

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Instead of captcha, we have added a secret code in the signup form and asked those who need a blog, to contact us first and explain why they need a blog. Those with good reasons will eventually receive the secret code. Yes, this is not a bright idea on the long term since it requires a lot of work from someone who has to answer all the requests, plus frustration from those who want to signup and have to wait for a reply. So just take it as an experiment.

I thought the spammers won’t bother with this and they will just move on to other sites, while some legitimate users will probably try to get the code. And, surprise!!! Most of the requests are from the spammers who kept contacting us, with messages like:

“I need a blog to blogging as a tool for writing and information sharing to others”

“please send me the secure code”

“Hello, dear admin. I want a blog at blogdive.com to express something of my own and show my friends what in me. Please provide me an account. Thanks. “

“I need a Security Code for blog registeration”

It’s obvious that not bots were sending these messages, and this means the spammers have lots of time to do manual work. Since their spam blogs are always deleted sooner or later, why they are so insistent? What’s the benefit of having a spam blog up for a couple of hours before it gets deleted?


Tips to choose a subdomain for your blog

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1. You can choose your own name or nickname.
This way, your friends will remember your blog address easier. Example: sabrina.dreams.ro – it’s short, easy to remember and it sounds good. You can always check details about a name on sites like behindthename.com, name-list.net or thinkbabynames.

2. Pick something to describe your blog.
If your blog is about car pictures, you can choose carpictures.blogdive.com, if it is about movie reviews you can pick moviereviews.webs.tc.

3. Be creative.
Use the domain name to create something which makes sense. Examples: mycar.isfast.com, lost.sinners.ro, password.cracker.ro.

4. Use anagrams.
Anagrams are rearrangements of the letters in a word or phrase to form another word or phrase. You can use wordsmith.org to generate anagrams for your name and then use one as a subdomain for your blog. Example: If your name is Magdalena, you can call your blog AMadAngel.dreams.ro or GalenaMad.webs.tc or AlgaeDamn.webs.tc. With a name like this, people will often ask you what your blog subdomain means.

5. Use evocative words.
Examples: If you want to write about copyrights, you can use stop-plagiarism.webs.tc, if you write about ecology – keepthisworldgreen.webs.tc. Beware that an evocative name requires you to have content in the same manner.

6. Use name generators.
There are sites and programs dedicated to generate fictional names: random names, fantasy names, nicknames, etc. Examples: chriswetherell.com/elf will generate an elvish name for you and on namesgenerator.org you can create random names.

Take your time and choose carefuly, the domain or subdomain it’s not something you can change easily.


How to choose a domain name for your blog

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First you should have an idea about what you want to write on your blog.

  • Cars? then isfast.com should be a good choice
  • Politics? corrupted.biz should do it
  • Personal blog? justpost.com, webs.tc, dreams.ro
  • IT? cracker.ro or unixclan.org
  • Music? dreams.ro or sinners.ro

Then you should consider to pick something easy to remember. While webs.tc and dreams.ro seem easy to remember at first sight, they have exotic extensions (.tc, .ro) and people might end up at dreams.com or webs.com.

That’s why justpost.com, isfast.com and blogdive.com are the best choices you can make, no matter what your blog is about.

Please note this is just a recommendation, you are free to use whichever domain you want.


100 spammers vs Wangguard + Akismet + StopForumSpam + DNSBL

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There’s a new trend in webspam: mass free blogs with scrapped content a.k.a. splogs. Google takes this very seriously and they started to delete all blogspot sites involved in this. They use SMS verification. But there are thousands free WordPress MU providers that can’t afford a SMS system.

The blogs generated by robots are easily blocked using captcha. But what can you do when someone hires a couple of people to do everything manually? Yes, in 2011 there are people which have this kind of jobs. Over the last years, these spammers have improved and perfected their techniques by using thousands of IP address from compromised machines.

Here comes Wangguard, Akismet, Stop Forum Spam and DNSBL to give a hand. Each of them has been tested with 100 spammers and 100 legitimate users for false positiveness.

Stop Forum Spam 44% spammers blocked 0% false positive
Wangguard 40% spammers blocked 0% false positive
Akismet 16% spammers blocked 0% false positive
DNSBL 36% spammers blocked 14% false positive
Anti-Splog TBD TBD
Akis+Wang+SFS 66% spammers blocked 0% false positive

Anti-Splog has not been tested because it requires WPMU DEV membership. If someone wants to contribute with this please comment/contact.


Free Subdomains For Your WordPress Blog

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One of the main problems that aspiring bloggers used to come across was finding the best subdomain that both represented their personality and was also cheap to use. Thankfully these problems no longer exist and the hardest decision a blogger now has to make is which domain they feel is best for them. On Blog Dive there are many subdomains available which you can browse at your leisure before you choose the best one for you.

If you have a theme for your blogs, if they are going about a certain subject for example, there will be a subdomain to represent you. Maybe isfast.com or sinners.ro suits your mindset, or even corrupted.biz or justpost.com. No more “already used” issue like on WordPress.com and blogspot.com where every good name you think of is already taken.


Akismet Spam Protection

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The scourge of bloggers is that annoying repetitive drivel known as spam. You log onto your site to see what comments have been left and are faced with lines and lines of absolute garbage which have nothing to do with your posts and more than likely containing links to other sites. If you are drowning in spam help is at hand, thanks to A.kis.met spam protection.

Go to akismet.com, signup up for a key and download the plugin. Free for personal users, downloading the program blocks all spam instantly and leaves your blog site looking exactly as it should, spam free. There are many testimonials on the site to the competence of the program, and there is a live time counter running showing how many spams they have zapped. At the time of writing it stands at over 29m.

It only takes minutes to protect your blogs from spam, and you can stop wasting so much time deleting spam and doing what you set your site up in the first place to do: write your blogs.


Best Free WordPress Hosts

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The choice of web hosts is now overwhelming, with over 100,000 meeting the minimum requirements needed to be able to call themselves WordPress hosts. Just like flowers and plants need the correct environment to thrive and flourish; WordPress works at its best when ensconced in a rich hosting environment. A quickly and free choice is Blog Dive. In only 3 simple steps you can choose your user name and subdomain, choose your template, customize widgets and then post your blogs.

Other free WordPress hosts worth mentioning are Dreamhost, Bluehost, Media Temple and Laughing Squid. These all meet the WordPress required standard and are very easy to use. There is nothing stopping any of us having our own blog site, and now that the best ones are completely free of charge you wonder why so many of us still haven’t bothered to set up our own yet.