Akismet Spam Protection

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The scourge of bloggers is that annoying repetitive drivel known as spam. You log onto your site to see what comments have been left and are faced with lines and lines of absolute garbage which have nothing to do with your posts and more than likely containing links to other sites. If you are drowning in spam help is at hand, thanks to A.kis.met spam protection.

Go to akismet.com, signup up for a key and download the plugin. Free for personal users, downloading the program blocks all spam instantly and leaves your blog site looking exactly as it should, spam free. There are many testimonials on the site to the competence of the program, and there is a live time counter running showing how many spams they have zapped. At the time of writing it stands at over 29m.

It only takes minutes to protect your blogs from spam, and you can stop wasting so much time deleting spam and doing what you set your site up in the first place to do: write your blogs.


3 Responses to “Akismet Spam Protection”

  1. appreciate your work some thing i want know that if i creat my blog here can i apply for adsense or any other ads service u can provide me ?

  2. admin says:

    yes, you can put adsense

  3. çelik says:

    I dont use akismet.. I make manually..

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