Best Free WordPress Hosts

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The choice of web hosts is now overwhelming, with over 100,000 meeting the minimum requirements needed to be able to call themselves WordPress hosts. Just like flowers and plants need the correct environment to thrive and flourish; WordPress works at its best when ensconced in a rich hosting environment. A quickly and free choice is Blog Dive. In only 3 simple steps you can choose your user name and subdomain, choose your template, customize widgets and then post your blogs.

Other free WordPress hosts worth mentioning are Dreamhost, Bluehost, Media Temple and Laughing Squid. These all meet the WordPress required standard and are very easy to use. There is nothing stopping any of us having our own blog site, and now that the best ones are completely free of charge you wonder why so many of us still haven’t bothered to set up our own yet.


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  1. Trevor says:

    Why do so many not blog in the free blogosphere? Because, I think, they believe no-one will read their writings. Unless one has a readable style and some desirable content, it can be just another repository of forgotten words – in other words, as meaningless and temporary as most Facebook pages and most tweets seem to be. :)

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