Free Subdomains For Your WordPress Blog

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One of the main problems that aspiring bloggers used to come across was finding the best subdomain that both represented their personality and was also cheap to use. Thankfully these problems no longer exist and the hardest decision a blogger now has to make is which domain they feel is best for them. On Blog Dive there are many subdomains available which you can browse at your leisure before you choose the best one for you.

If you have a theme for your blogs, if they are going about a certain subject for example, there will be a subdomain to represent you. Maybe or suits your mindset, or even or No more “already used” issue like on and where every good name you think of is already taken.


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  1. tseringnorbu says:

    i will use this website in best way!

  2. cherry says: is a nice domain to try…
    i would love to use it for my blog

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