100 spammers vs Wangguard + Akismet + StopForumSpam + DNSBL

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There’s a new trend in webspam: mass free blogs with scrapped content a.k.a. splogs. Google takes this very seriously and they started to delete all blogspot sites involved in this. They use SMS verification. But there are thousands free WordPress MU providers that can’t afford a SMS system.

The blogs generated by robots are easily blocked using captcha. But what can you do when someone hires a couple of people to do everything manually? Yes, in 2011 there are people which have this kind of jobs. Over the last years, these spammers have improved and perfected their techniques by using thousands of IP address from compromised machines.

Here comes Wangguard, Akismet, Stop Forum Spam and DNSBL to give a hand. Each of them has been tested with 100 spammers and 100 legitimate users for false positiveness.

Stop Forum Spam 44% spammers blocked 0% false positive
Wangguard 40% spammers blocked 0% false positive
Akismet 16% spammers blocked 0% false positive
DNSBL 36% spammers blocked 14% false positive
Anti-Splog TBD TBD
Akis+Wang+SFS 66% spammers blocked 0% false positive

Anti-Splog has not been tested because it requires WPMU DEV membership. If someone wants to contribute with this please comment/contact.


13 Responses to “100 spammers vs Wangguard + Akismet + StopForumSpam + DNSBL”

  1. José Conti says:


    I’m the WangGuard Developer.

    Did you use WangGuard for a week or 2 weeks?

    WangGuard learn to protect a site. Every site is different and many times the sploggers come from the same emails, domain or IP and with 2 weeks arrive to 93% sploggers blocked.

    After activate WangGuard, it will block the sploggers of other sites but with 2 weeks, WangGuard is blocking your sploggers + other sploggers.


  2. admin says:

    I did not count a returning spammer from the same IP. If you count those it may get higher than 40%, but 93% is impossible to achieve, at least in my case.
    I am also afraid that Wangguard will turn to a paid service when it will work good enough.

  3. José Conti says:

    Hi again,

    WangGuard will be a paid service but only for company and people than make money with their sites (more than 100$/month).

    WangGuard will be always free for personal use.

    If a site ownner make more than 100$/month, he will have to pay us only 5$/month.

    I think it’s a very low price if the site is making more than $ 100 / month


  4. Jason says:

    How on earth would the people at wangguard know how much a site owner makes? I make over $100 a month, but if I say I don’t then how would they know?

    Wangguard is just building up a userbase so it can introduce fees to everyone who sends requests to their server over a certain threshold, you mark my words.

  5. José Conti says:

    We can not know. We believe in the goodwill of the people, but there will be a limit on queries per month per site. if the site exceeds queries, you must pay equally. the limit will be high. if a site make more than 500 queries per day, 15,000 per month, We will understand that make more than $200 per month and We wil charge $4-$5 month.

    Information about WangGuard here:



  6. Jay buli says:

    I first tried WangGuard which can scan all existing blogs, it did a great job and almost deleted 7 000 splogs out of total 15 000 sites.

    But i still find a splog every now and then. So scanning them would be very helpful.

  7. OC2PS says:

    Very cool test. Would be good if you can update the report every 6 months.

  8. José Conti says:

    @Jay buli,

    We will add a cron in the next big release.

    you will be able to add a cron to search every day sploggers of the last two days signups (is an example)

    Kind regards

  9. Bern says:

    There are no guaranteed anti spam services and/or techniques since manual spam exists. This report may seem to be trustworthy only for newbies. laziness is the mother of invention – so spammers or blackhat SE optimizers will always find solutions for such called “anti spam services”.

  10. EC333 says:

    What nonsense is this? Blocking WHAT? I have blogs in both my native language and in English and according to the Wangguard logic that makes me a splogger on my own blogs.
    Actually, I see Wangguard as a sort of hacker.

  11. José Conti says:

    Hi EC333,

    I explained everything to you by email. If you want to believe that sploggers not exist, you can believe it. But one thing is insulting us by email and quite another to be insulting online. Your IP was blocked, not you. and if from the first email you have told us your IP, would have solved everything.

  12. WTSplog says:

    I believe that these kind of plugin INSIDE wordpress are just a lost of time.

    What WordPress community needs is a solution OUTSIDE the blog, at DNS level, with a unique database like Clodflre service.

    99% of this spam blocker plugins are spammer…

  13. Alain says:

    Last month I added a DNSBL layer in front of Akismet. This fixed a major problem I was starting to have with Akismet. So far I got 100% spammers blocked with 0% false positives (that I know of) out of over 16K comments attempted. Finally.

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