Tips to choose a subdomain for your blog

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1. You can choose your own name or nickname.
This way, your friends will remember your blog address easier. Example: – it’s short, easy to remember and it sounds good. You can always check details about a name on sites like, or thinkbabynames.

2. Pick something to describe your blog.
If your blog is about car pictures, you can choose, if it is about movie reviews you can pick

3. Be creative.
Use the domain name to create something which makes sense. Examples:,,

4. Use anagrams.
Anagrams are rearrangements of the letters in a word or phrase to form another word or phrase. You can use to generate anagrams for your name and then use one as a subdomain for your blog. Example: If your name is Magdalena, you can call your blog or or With a name like this, people will often ask you what your blog subdomain means.

5. Use evocative words.
Examples: If you want to write about copyrights, you can use, if you write about ecology – Beware that an evocative name requires you to have content in the same manner.

6. Use name generators.
There are sites and programs dedicated to generate fictional names: random names, fantasy names, nicknames, etc. Examples: will generate an elvish name for you and on you can create random names.

Take your time and choose carefuly, the domain or subdomain it’s not something you can change easily.


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  1. piggy says:

    Good tips for beginners, but it’s hard to believe you can make a good blog if you cannot even find a good name yourself.

  2. Harris says:

    nice tips….
    thanks for sharing….

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