WPMU anti-spam experiment

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Instead of captcha, we have added a secret code in the signup form and asked those who need a blog, to contact us first and explain why they need a blog. Those with good reasons will eventually receive the secret code. Yes, this is not a bright idea on the long term since it requires a lot of work from someone who has to answer all the requests, plus frustration from those who want to signup and have to wait for a reply. So just take it as an experiment.

I thought the spammers won’t bother with this and they will just move on to other sites, while some legitimate users will probably try to get the code. And, surprise!!! Most of the requests are from the spammers who kept contacting us, with messages like:

“I need a blog to blogging as a tool for writing and information sharing to others”

“please send me the secure code”

“Hello, dear admin. I want a blog at blogdive.com to express something of my own and show my friends what in me. Please provide me an account. Thanks. “

“I need a Security Code for blog registeration”

It’s obvious that not bots were sending these messages, and this means the spammers have lots of time to do manual work. Since their spam blogs are always deleted sooner or later, why they are so insistent? What’s the benefit of having a spam blog up for a couple of hours before it gets deleted?


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  1. agus says:

    I started with Hashcash and it have worked wonders for me so far. I’ll get around ip blocking and .htaccess hacks if things start to go out of control.

  2. Bern says:

    Spam was is and will be. “Since their spam blogs are always deleted sooner or later, why they are so insistent?” Usually they don’t need this kind of blogs after up to 7 days after indexing. Google crawls fresh content and add it to index. Newest posts (including mass keyword spam posts) appear in top 10-50 for some days. It is enough to get some traffic and generate sales. So called spammers – are just SE optimizers who want immediate or fast results.

  3. Harris says:

    very nice ….
    thats may be successful….
    thanks for sharing…

  4. lilytang says:

    nice, wonderful

  5. Lok says:

    There is no point to think about this… As long as google will be intererested in spamming till that we will have spam :)
    If you have question why. Just think around 😉

    Also what is definition of spam… ?

    Basically automatic posting spun articles in web 2.0 is not spam… :)

  6. Obviously this experiment didn’t last for too long since signups are closed? What’s the situation at the moment, are account requests open or to be open anytime soon? Thanks!

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