Cool Domains For Your WordPress Blog

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Finding the right domain for your blog site can make it or break it. Choosing your own domain name appeals to many bloggers as they feel it gives their site more of a sense of identity and also represents them personally. For example, if you are dedicating a blog to the ancient art of boxing, would suit it perfectly, whilst will give possible contributors totally the wrong idea.

This area is a positive minefield, and the support of a tried and trusted WordPress blog expert will come in very handy. This is just one of the services that Blog Dive – Free Blogs provides, and the easy to use site will take you through the entire process of choosing the coolest domain name possible for your blogs. Push Sign Up and choose from many cool domains such as:,,,


How To Customize Your Blog Theme

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So your new blog site is up and running and you have been happily blogging away, the thing is you’re still on the same boring template you started with. You can bet your bottom dollar if you are sick of looking at this unexciting page, your readers will be too.

Customizing your blog theme is a lot easier than many people think, and some make fundamental mistakes, while uploading a banner for example, and give up the task thinking it is too difficult.

Login into your account, go to Dashboard->Appearance->Themes and choose a theme. If there are a few weird things going on, they will be easily fixed if you know where to look.

If you need more customization check: Dashboard->Appearance->Custom CSS
then Dashboard->Appearance->Font

and finally Dashboard->Appearance->Background image.


WordPress Vs Blogspot

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If you are a dedicated blogger, or one who is looking to create your own blog, there will be two words in particular that keep appearing: WordPress and Blogspot.  This is because when it comes to the world of free blog hosting, these are the two main players that you have to choose between. They both basically do the same job, in that they will enable you to place your blogs and customize them as you see fit. There are certain differences between the two however, and it is these that you must consider before you subscribe to one or the other.

Blogspot Vs WordPress templates

Take customizing themes for example, blogspot has a collection of easy to customize templates whilst WordPress allows no editing of templates and style sheet editing is only available as an upgrade which costs.

Image storage

Where image storage is concerned, there is 1GB with Blogspot but no browsing facility but with WordPress you get 3GB and you can upload many formats.

Check out more comparison sites to see which of the two suits you best, then you can blog to your hearts content.


How To Make A Blog

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What is a blog?

There are many words bandied around in the online community, these include download, content, domain and blog. That little word at the end, blog, still has many furrowing their brows. The thing is, while the majority of us sort of know what a blog is, there are still many who haven’t a clue how to make one. A blog isn’t rocket science, it is merely the name given to a website where people log on and leave comments or record opinions on a regular basis.

The easiest way to make your own blog

You can either log onto other blog sites and leave your comments, or make your own blog. This is a very easy process and one that anyone can do. The easiest way to make your own blog and customize it to your own requirements is to use a search engine and find one of the many great free sites that will take you through the process step by step. There are tutorials and videos to give you ideas and tips and show you how to use the tools you need to successfully create your own blog. One of the best you will find is BlogDive whose user friendly guidance will have your blog site up and running in no time. Just push Sign Up and follow the steps.


You can create your blogs now on many domains

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Many domains are now available for your blogs, just pick the one that represents you.


Spam Blogs

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Mass spam account creation is not allowed, all such blogs are removed.
Duplicated content is not allowed, any kind of search engine spam is is prohibited.
If you think you are getting this message in error, you may use the contact form and report us the problem.


Welcome to BlogDive!

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BlogDive is offering free blogs, using WordPress platform.
Many domains are available to choose from, also many design themes.

We are now setting everything up and in the next few days you will be able to use all of our site features.
Stay tuned!